Appeal Production | Multimedia Giveaway Campaign

I began my work with Appeal Production in October of 2016. The focus of my work was to improve Appeal’s online visibility using Facebook followers as my measurement in this multimedia campaign. This giveaway campaign grossed significant traction with both followers and overall page interaction.

At the start of my time with Appeal, their Facebook had 380 page likes. By the end, it had grown to 481 page likes. Since the initial campaign, I have continued to work on their social media presence. Through our continuous marketing efforts, their page now has 786 page likes and 867 followers. This is an increase of 106%.

Skyline Literacy | Outreach Campaign

Since the summer of 2018 I have been on the board of directors at Skyline Literacy. They are a nonprofit organization that teaches English to non-native speakers and prepares adult learners to get their citizenship in the United States. When I joined the board, the organization was in a terrible financial state. We were faced with the possibility of closing our doors or coming up with some creative measures to ensure a fiscally stable organization that would be able to carry on their mission.

Our initial step as a board was to write a press release to the public asking for their help. Coordination of the press release to all of our social media platforms was key to the success of our goal. In addition, I connected with all of the different news agencies to enlist their help in running the story.

Due to the generosity of the community, we received around $50,000 through this campaign and have since been able to continue our much-needed services to the community. After completion of the campaign, I was asked to serve Skyline Literacy as their vice president, and have remained in this role since that time.

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