Mercy House | Capital Campaign 2018

In April of 2017, I helped Appeal Production run their first giveaway campaign. Our goal, was to increase social media interaction on our pages. The campaign was created to give a free 30-second video to a local nonprofit. Mercy House¬†won the campaign, and was able to gain significant social media interaction through the video as well. Since the video was posted about 2 years ago to Mercy House’s Facebook page, the video has gained 144 likes, 47 shares, and over 10,000 views. In the end, this was a very successful campaign.

Foster Love Ministries | Journey Bag

In 2018, Appeal Production held a second giveaway campaign that Foster Love Ministries won. We created a 90-second animated video for them, and I was the copy writer for the project. While writing the script, I wrote with their audience in mind. Their goal was to have a product that represented their mission and what they stand for. In the end, they had a video that accomplished their goals that they could use at presentations and conferences.

Parties to Pacifiers | Student Project

Parties to Pacifiers is a student documentary that I produced my final year at James Madison University. This documentary focuses on a teen mom named, Patricia. Patricia lives in the Shenandoah Valley, with her son, Aiden. The video focuses on the challenges she faces raising her son at such a young age, and how she has persevered. Since finishing the documentary, it has been accepted into three film festivals:

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